Natural Premium Rug Pads

Premium Rug Pads are an important feature of comfortable home and office environments. If you are looking to improve and magnify the overall comfort of your workplace or home, this addition can help. They add comfort and security to the carpets and rugs, cushioning them and adding a bounce in them. It is only recently that people have understood the importance of considering rug pads as important as their rugs, mats and carpets. More so, it is important to use the right quality, texture and brand of padding. If this decision is not made carefully it can bring about permanent or long term damage to hardwood floors and expensive carpets.

duraholdnaturalpadsWhen you buy rug pads, it is better to purchase the rug pads with it. This avoids future alterations in case your rug pad is too large, too small or of the wrong texture. Purchasing the two together allows you to see whether the quality you have picked is one that complements your rug or not. You can also ensure both are of the same size and lastly if the thickness you have decided on provides the desired cushioning.

Premium rug pads are available in several textures that include:

1. Felt

2. Rubber

3. Natural

4. Elastic and various others

The finest kinds amongst the ones mentioned above are the natural rug pads. This is especially the case if you have hardwood floors. The characteristic qualities of natural rug pads make them the best option amongst others. They are also cheaper and prolong the life of rugs and floors.

Following are the main reasons why you should purchase natural premium rug pads for your homes and offices and not others:

naturalduraholdrugpadFree Of Chemical Modifications

If rug pads have been chemically modified, they might leave a pungent smell in the room. This smell is caused because once the padding is positioned; the chemicals sprayed on it are released. These chemicals make the rugs stick to the floor but these drawbacks do not last for long. The smell prevails followed by chipping of the hardwood floor, its decay and in worst cases its decolourization. The marks left on the floor are so vivid that you may require replacing it altogether. Natural premium rug pads are free from all such chemicals. Their texture helps in sustaining the freshness and newness of hardwood floors. They prevent decay and decolourization by creating a vacuum. They leave no marks on the floor because there is no glue present in their internal arrangement.

Can Be Purchased In Varying Densities And Thickness

duraholdnaturalpadsIt is very important to be able to choose the density of rug pads according to your requirement. Some rug pads increase in inches when their density is increased. A thick rug pad might not work for area rugs as well as it would for carpeted rooms. This is why you should have the option of choosing the density you require. Thick rug pads used for area rugs can impact the uniformity of a room making it more susceptible to falls rather than preventing them.

Premium rug pads vary in densities. So, whether it is to line a coffee table rug, furniture rug or an entire room, you do not need to compromise on comfort and appearance.

They Are Complementary And Long Lasting

Premium rug pads complement the comfort and uniformity of the room. They insulate the room and provide springiness when you walk. Above all, they are long lasting which is why they become almost an investment. Because of the fact that they are naturally made and are biodegradable they can be recycled. Not only are they long lasting, they make your expensive rugs and hardwood floors last longer too.

They Secure Both: Home And The Natural Environment

Based on all the qualities mentioned above, it is safe to say that premium rug pads will secure your home environment, fully. If you have kids or elderly in the house, they will cushion the surroundings and ensure they experience no injury in case of a fall. These rug pads also secure your house against materialistic damage. Above all, because they can be reused, they do not release harmful gases in the atmosphere. They can be disposed-off if required.

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