How Premium Rug Pads Benefit Homes

The carpets and rugs you buy for your home are a very important investment. They create a soft floor surface to walk or sit on, and give a touch of colour and beauty to the room. They are also highly expensive which means it is inconvenient to repair or replace them on a regular basis. Without a proper protection, carpet fibres start fraying with time, and this will spoil their looks and eventually wear them out.

duraholdpadsIn the same way, floors also need protection. Most homes now tend to have expensive and sensitive floors such as hardwood, ceramic, marble and tile which need regular care and maintenance. These floors can easily get marred or blemished through stains, dyes or liquid spills seeping through the carpets.

What your homes need is an effective way to protect both floor and carpet. Premium rug pads are currently in high demand and offer homeowners a host of benefits over and above regular rug pads.

An Effective Extra Layer

These rug pads work to give your carpet and floor an added layer of protection. They keep your carpet in one place and prevent it from wearing against the floor. This has a dual advantage. The double protection will keep carpet fibres and strands from unravelling, and this way it will last a long time. The rug padding also acts as a sponge and soaks up damaging agents like water and paint before they can mark your carpet.

duraholdpadIn the same way, these rug pads will keep your flooring safe by preventing carpet slippage. Also, they keep the floors from sustaining damage through spills from absorbing the liquid before it penetrates to the floor.

A Comfortable Surface To Walk On

The floors are often quite hard, which makes walking on them an uncomfortable process. Placing these rug padswill create a very soft and comfortable floor surface so you can sit or walk at your ease. For this reason, they are considered perfect for lining living rooms and other places that receive a lot of traffic.

Eco Friendly Raw Materials

Most rug pads available in the market are made from synthetic and factory treated materials like artificial rubber or PVC that may pose the risk of defacement to the floor. Premium rug pads, however, are made from environmentally friendly materials like felt and natural rubber. They are compatible with all floor types, including the more sensitive ones like hardwood.

duraholdpadsCarpets and rugs are very important home accessories and in order to safeguard them, you need to buy a Premium rug pad. This will offer your carpet and floor the best possible protection. Given their density and volume, such rug pads will keep even the thickest carpet locked into one place so that it does not slip around and cause disfigurement to the floor. Given the numerous benefits they provide for homes, Premium rug pads come acclaimed by many home experts and satisfied homeowners as the best kind of rug pad to use under carpets.

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