How Are Rubber And Felt Rug Pads Made

Not many people opt to get rug pads because they think it is just a waste of money. Well, rest assured that the investment in a rug is anything but futile. They keep you and children safe by keeping the rug in place and not causing any slips. Moreover, it keeps your rug easier to clean and last longer.

The Importance of Rubber and Felt Rug Pads

duraholdpadsThere is a special kind of quality rug pad that is especially good. It is the rubber and felt rug pads. This means that the rug pad is made of a combination of rubber and felt which makes it unique. This way, the properties of each combine together to form a sturdier product that does not come with the drawbacks of either rubber or felt as individual materials. quality rug pads have a density bordering on the higher side. Hence, they make for an excellent choice, especially if you have your rug placed under a heavy object like a table or sofa. The high density pad ensures that the weight of the table does not leave any impression or depression in the rug.

Moreover, this also saves the floor from getting damaged as the rug pad takes all the weight. Since these rug pads prevent such damage to the rug pad and the floor, they help increase the longevity of both.

How are they made?

Since there are two different layers of the rubber and felt rug pad, each layer is given due attention to be combined to provide with a perfect outcome. The rubber is pressed by the help of heat. This way the fibres are ironed together firmly to provide with exceptional grip. As far as the material felt is concerned, the material itself has a ridged texture. This helps with holding the rug pad tightly to a place. The gaps between the ridges act as suction tubes that hold the rug pad as well as the rug exactly where it has been placed, ensuring no slipping accident occurs. Furthermore, it also helps keep the rug from getting wrinkled.

Main Characteristics

duraholdpadThere are a few features of quality rubber and felt rug pads that make them unique and practical. Some of them are mentioned below:

• These rug pads are hypoallergenic.

•They discourage the growth of mould anywhere around them so your home is clean and environmentally friendly.

•Quality rubber and felt rug pads have the copyrights for this rug pad because it provides with the perfect proportion of rubber and felt. •

The product has been tested and approved by LEED which certifies it as an environmentally friendly option. Quality rug pads are the epitomy of quality. They can be used on any floor type, ensuring maximum safety to your rugs. However, if you are buying a rubber and felt rug pad, the preferable floor options would be tiled, marbled, laminated or made of hardwood.

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