Furniture Quality Rug Pads

A quality rug pad can serve many purposes. They can be used to provide comfort, insulation, bounce and protection. Apart from their very basic purposes, there are many other uses of rug pads. The most important quality is that they are pressure resistant. This makes them perfect for smaller but more important tasks such as padding that is required underneath heavy furniture. They can be used as rugs or as furniture pads; depending on your requirement. Following are a few ways in which you can benefit from quality furniture padding:

bedrugpadsPadding For Beds And Dressers

Beds and dressers take up a lot of concern and investment in terms of time and finances. They are often made of solid wood which is heavier than ordinary wood. When placed in bedrooms with hardwood floors, these beds and dressers can leave large scratches. They can also leave massive dents and depressions in the floor. This means you can never reposition your furniture at whim. If they are padded with a quality rug pad on each feet of the bed and dresser, this damage can be prevented.

rockingchairrugpadPadding For Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs have become a fascinating addition to every household. They are fun to sit on and sip a cup of tea on a lazy day. If a child comes and sits on a rocking chair, you cannot possibly control them if they begin dragging the chair around or rocking too hard. So when getting a rocking chair, you can simply pad it from the bottom. Not only will it protect your floor from scratches, it will also add a further bounce each time you rock it. You no longer have to prevent it from being used too much.

Padding For Sofas

sofarugpadSofas come in various shapes, sizes and weights. A home setup is incomplete without sofas. There are two options for you to prevent their weight from damaging the floor. You can either use an area rug or place the sofa on top. This will also ensure that women wearing high heels do not scratch the surface of the floor. However, if you do not wish to use an area rug, you can get a quality rug pad for each foot of the sofa. This will resist the pressure of the sofa and the people without hiding your fancy new hardwood floor.

diningtablerugpadPadding For Dining Tables

Dining tables require a lot of investment. They are either small and circular or large and rectangular. Either way, if you have a lot of guests over or even if your own family is enjoying a meal, you cannot stop them from dragging the chairs each time. Without chair paddings, severe and vivid marks will be left on your floor. In case you have extra rug pad material left over, then you can use it underneath the table legs to cushion them. It depends on how thoroughly you wish to protect your hardwood floors from any damage.

Padding For Patio Furniture

patiorugpadPatio furniture is usually made of plastic, which means it is okay for rough use. However, if your patio is also lined with wooden tiles, the furniture might cause damage. Outside furniture is usually used roughly. If you line the furniture with the cheapest pads, the damage can be prevented. You can even place an entire quality rug pad as it is. This will provide insulation if you want to sit outside in the cold. You can even allow your toddler to sit on the floor without worrying that it might fall and get injured.

refrigeratorrugpadPadding For Refrigerators

Refrigerators do not need to be filled to the top to become heavy. They are generally very heavy and apply a lot of pressure on the floor. You can use a small area mat, pad it properly and then place the fridge on top. This will prevent the pressure from reaching the floor. It will also make cleaning the fridge easy, without worrying about water dripping on the floor. The pad will resist the water and allow in carefree cleaning of the floor and the fridge. These are some of the many ways in which a quality rug pad can help you secure your furniture and home.

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