Premium Natural Rubber Rug Pads

A rug pad is an extra layer of material that can be placed on the underside of a rug or carpet for added protection. Rug pads offer many advantages for homes, and due to this they come highly recommended by many home experts. One of the best rug pads available in the market is the Premium rug pad. Made from fine quality natural rubber, this rug pad offers homeowners, many benefits that most other rug pads do not.

Strong Grip Prevents Slippage

naturalpadsA natural rubber rug pad extends superior protection to both your carpet and your floor. Rubber is ideal for providing a resilient grasp on the carpet, which prevents the carpet from slipping around. This has a two fold advantage. Firstly, a sound grip helps to lock the carpet in a single position. This will ensure carpets longevity as the carpet will not be damaged by constantly slipping around the room. It will also prevent carpet fibres from unravelling over time ad destroying its beauty. So placing a natural rubber rug pad will ascertain that your carpet retains its looks and compactness. Secondly, a strong grip on the carpet will keep it from repetitively wearing against the floor. Most homeowners are now having expensive floors, like ceramic, tile or hardwood, installed. These floors are not only expensive and costly to repair, but they can get easily damaged if the carpet or rug persistently wears against them. By preventing this, a natural rubber rug pad keeps your delicate flooring from marring.

Provides A Comfortable Walk And Extra Cushioning

Being thick and compact, a natural rubber rug pad adds softness and comfort to even the hardest flooring. This makes for a highly comfortable surface to walk on. It also gives extra cushioning support to your carpet and floor, making the room an overall safe and comfortable place. For this reason, natural rubber padding is good for lining places that receive heavy foot traffic such as your living room, kitchen and bathroom. They can also be used in children’s playrooms for enhanced comfort.

duraholdpadsBlock Heavy Sound Penetration

Being thick and dense, natural rubber rug pads add to the room’s acoustic insulation. This means they help to limit loud noises and sounds from the room, making for a relaxed, peaceful and quite atmosphere. This aspect makes these rug pads ideal for use in rooms like studies, home offices and bedrooms.

Safe with All Floor Types

A natural rubber rug pad is compatible with all types of floors from ceramic to hardwood to vinyl. No matter what factory flooring or floor finishing you have in your home, this rug pad will work effectively and will not cause any type of damage, marring or staining to your floor.

Floors and carpets are long-term home investments that require diligent upkeep and attention. Being sensitive, they need a rug pad for added support and care. To ensure excellent protection for your floor and carpet, it is best to buy Premium rug pads which provide multifold advantages to homes.

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