Rug padding under your carpets

5-x-8-premium-hold-3-8-thick-non-slip-rug-pad-safe-for-all-floors_l_500x500 The way I see carpets is really like they’re parts of a whole. This whole consists of two parts, the rug and its rug pad, and in my book, you can’t have one without the other. It’s a little funny to say when you consider that the majority of carpet owners are somewhere in between not knowing what rug padding is, and not caring about it. A little funny, and more than a little sad, as the benefits of rug pads are so numerous, every day you are not using one is a day in which you’re missing out. No matter what added functionality you want from your rug, there will be a type of rug pad to fit exactly those needs. If you can think of it, there’s probably a rug pad for it. Sound and temperature insulation are among the most common reasons why people look to outfit their rugs with rug padding. While carpets usually offer a little bit of both, in the face of loud thumping of footsteps or very cold floors, only the proper rug pad can provide almost complete protection. A type of rug padding that often comes with added temperature insulation is cushy padding designed with people sitting on the carpet in mind. These rug pads will be very comfortable and come in the form of extra thick padding often made with prime foam. If this isn’t at all what you are looking for in a rug pad – don’t worry! There’s rug pads that accomplish just the opposite. What about a nice frothed foam rug pad for that high traffic area rug you’ve been watching stomped day in, day out? With such rug padding placed underneath, the wear and tear the carpet receives will be greatly reduced. When thinking about area rugs, many people envision their smaller rugs sliding constantly whenever someone walks over them. carpet-padThere is also some injury potential hanging in the air whenever your rug is causing people to fall flat on their backs. As with previous issues, this can also be remedied easily by equipping your area rug with a rug pad made to prevent sliding. Flat rubber could be an example of what works here, while felt could be an example of what doesn’t. Unfortunately, some rug pads can stain your carpet just by being under it, usually because they are manufactured using subpar or scrapped materials. It’s possible that your rug might not be at risk even if you have such a rug pad, but why risk it? You’re probably better off not using a rug pad at all, which is really weird to see coming from me. Another rug pad you might never want to use is the free rug pad that likely came with your carpet. The reasons are the same: not many benefits and a lot of potential detriments. So in case that isn’t clear, while looking to add that last bit of functionality beneath your carpet, you need to know the rug padding won’t actually make things worse.