Quality Rug Pads For Homes

Many homeowners today are buying Quality rug pads for their homes. This is because these rug pads offer vast benefits for both your carpeting and floor.

Superior Non Slip Grip
Quality rug pads offer the best non-slip grip to your carpets. This rug pad will lock your carpet in one position and keep it from slipping about the room. Without proper grip, your carpet will eventually wear out and lose its looks. Quality rug pads prevents this by holding the carpet in its place and also keeps carpet fibres from fraying over time.

Suitable For All Floor Types
Some homeowners worry that using a rug pad might cause damage to their floor. Many homes nowadays have expensive factory-finished flooring installed, like hardwood, solid wood, marble, vinyl, concrete, heated and laminate floors. These floors are high maintenance as they require regular care and attention, otherwise they can easily get chipped, cracked or stained.

Quality rug pads give your floor the necessary protection it needs. This rug pad can be used safely with all types of floors and floor finishings without causing any impairment. It acts as a dual barrier, keeping the floor from sustaining damage through any stains, dyes, colours or moisture on the carpet.

Environmentally Friendly Rug Pads
Quality rug pads are fully eco-friendly, biodegradable and organic. They are made from 100% pure and untreated materials that certify to a greener environment. These rug pads do not contain any artificial additives, or adhesives that might stick to harm hardwood floors. They are fully safe to use in any room without cause for alarm.

Chemical-Free And Hypoallergenic
Quality rug pads are ideal accessories for a healthier and greener home as they are completely free from factory-treated chemicals that might cause damage to your floor and carpet. They are fully hypoallergenic, which means they do not cause any allergic reactions. This makes them safe for use in your child’s bedroom and high traffic areas like living rooms.
They are also moth, mould and mildew resistant. They last a long time and do not need regular cleaning or repair as they are very hardy and resilient.

Extra Cushioning And Support
Your floor may get marred by rough footsteps or heavy furniture. Quality rug pads gives your floor the protection it needs. Being thick and dense, these rug pads provide the bulk required to withstand pressure from the heaviest furniture so that your floor will remain undamaged at all costs.
Being dense and compact, Quality rug pad adds thickness and volume to the carpet, making for a softer, safer and more comfortable walk. For this reason, Quality rug pads are perfect for lining carpets in bedrooms for a softer feel or in slippery areas like bathrooms and kitchens for added safety.

Limit Sound
Being bulky and thick, Quality rug pads enhance the acoustic insulation of the room, effectively blocking loud noises from entering the room. This creates a relaxed and quiet atmosphere in the room. This aspect makes Quality rug pads ideal for lining your study or home office so you can study or work undisturbed and in peace, or for use in the drawing room to create a peaceful atmosphere for guests.
Considering the many advantages rug pads provide, Quality rug pads are excellent for use in homes. They are compatible with all floor and carpet types, enhance the safety of your home and your family and are completely free from potentially harmful substances. Quality rug pads contribute to LEED, making them “green” accessories for home use. Owing to their many benefits, Quality rug pads come recommended by multiple home experts and are the preferred choice of many homeowners.