Waterproof Premium Rug Pads

rugpadsPremium Rug pads have a pleasant cushioning nature for floor rugs and carpets. They are remarkably efficient and form a securing layer under the actual rug. They help in keeping your feet and your room warm. The Premium rug pads cushion the mat or the carpet covering lined in your homes and your work places.

If your concern is far more than just adding comfort and an extra protective layer in your carpets then you need to consider another plus point. Premium rug pads have the uncanny and sure ability to protect your floors from all liquid spills. In case there is a liquid spill on the floor carpet, it is bound to completely destroy the hardwood floor. The overall structure of these rug pads ensures there is no such liquid penetration that might damage the shine and structure of your expensive hardwood floor and rug. Following are a few qualities of these rug pads that make them naturally resistance to water spillage:

The Structure

Thick Premium rug pads are made out of complicated woven strands and are dense to the point that there is hardly any air in them. It is this feature in them that allows them to reject the spill of water or any other liquid. It promises that there is no passage of any liquid material through to the floor. Most floor rugs and their padding are made out of cotton or other identical material. Regardless of how comfortable such rugs might feel to walk on, they may not prove to be efficient in rejecting liquid spills. This way the comfort completely diminishes in case of any regular mishap. So not only does the rug get destroyed, so does the expensive flooring.

The Type

A thick and specifically chosen Premium rug pads help you stay far from any damage to the floor or the rug. It can either be a trademark felt padding or a versatile non-slip floor pad. Both of the mentioned cushioning ensures the one hundred per cent aversion of all liquid materials spilled on the carpet. Their manufacturing makes cleaning it and maintaining it less difficult, at the same time it can be greatly helpful. These rug pad types can ensure that if there is any water or liquid spill it does not find its way to the floor rather it is rejected and kept on the surface. This way, the surface is simply wiped with a towel or a sponge ensuring no damage has been brought to the floor and the expensive rug.

Consider Your Floor Specifics

hardwoodfloorIt serves as a cover on the hardwood floors and goes about as a strong obstacle against water and other spills. Not only does this help the area rug or carpet in maintaining its overall beauty it adds to its support. Above all, it prolongs the life of the floor and the carpet. Its thickness is generally more however, that does not make it feel uncomfortable springy. It is made in such a way that these rug pads promise that no scratch from external use finds its way onto the floor.

Subsequently, in the event that you are someone searching intently for a rug pad to ensure the protection of your expensive rugs and floors from your kids you require a Premium rug pad. These pads have remarkable structure and qualities. Not only do they prevalently boost the overall comfort of your home but also provide protection from damages that are otherwise considered difficult to avoid. Such rug pads guarantee the comfort, protection, safety and longevity of your rug, your floor and your family.

How Can Quality Rug Pads Help People With Spinal Problems

A Quality rug pad is known for its unique qualities such as:

1. The ability to resist pressure

2. The ability to reject water penetration

3. Protection

4. Insulation

5. Cushioning of blows and falls

6. Overall comfort

7. Uniformity of the room

duraholdpadsThese are the very basic qualities of a Quality rug pad that can help in improving your overall lifestyle. What a lot of people are unaware of is that these rug pads can provide health benefits too. Because of their rare comforting and cushioning qualities, they can assist individuals with spinal problems in easing the pain.

People with permanent spinal injuries find it uncomfortable and difficult to walk on hardwood floors. The floor requires a lot of pressure to be applied. When injured individuals walk on such floors, the pressure required to be able to stabilize themselves impacts their back in a negative way. The pressure causes pain to reach the bones, making the mundane task of walking, a painful one.

Following are a few health benefits a Quality rug pad can offer to individuals with spinal injuries:

It Makes Walking Easy By Adding Bounce

rugpadsduraholdA Quality rug pad has a very unique arrangement of strands. When these come in contact with the floor and carpet, they gain bounce. Where individuals are required to apply a lot of pressure to walk on hardwood floors, the rug pads minimize the pressure needed. They assist individuals in gaining support from the rug pad. Each step is received in a comforting and springy manner ensuring that the weight being applied is sent back to the body, making walking a pain free and easy task. This bounce might even help them keep their pain in control. It assists them in sitting down and getting up easily. This is because no extreme pressure is required to grip the hard floor. In fact, it is the floor that returns the support to their feet, ensuring ease in movement that was otherwise difficult.

It Makes The Hard Floor Slip-free

There is no guarantee that you will not fall when walking on any floor. In a house where there are individuals who are injured or old, it is important to take extra precautions. A Quality rug pad has the unique quality of making any area with rugs slip-free. These rug pads vary in density and thickness so make sure you buy one that is not too thick as a slight change in the height can imbalance an old person. Both these qualities help in padding the entire room in a very comforting manner. Moreover, it also makes sitting on the floor easy and comforting. Overall, it ensures that no one will experience a severe injury in case of a fall. Injuries on hardwood floors can be extreme. A rug pad ensures that the chances of this extremity are reduced from a minimum to none. It also helps in providing a little bit of insulation that soothes individuals as they walk.

It Helps Relieve Pressure

rugpadsduraholdAs mentioned above, the arrangement of the interwoven strands in the Quality rug pad is unique. It is this uniqueness that acts as a pressure-relieving quality. When injured individuals walk, climb the stairs or are required to sit and stand time and again, they feel the pressure in their spine. If it is not catered to properly, or they are not provided with adequate amenities, it can turn a controllable injury into a permanent one.

A Quality rug pad ensures that individuals feel no such pressure. The weight of their body is balanced in such a way that they feel light-footed. This ensures no pain penetrates through their bones and irritates them. Despite an injury that is limiting you from carrying out interesting activities, Quality rug pads ensure that your mundane tasks are not affected in any way.

Provides A Solid Grip For Canes

The elderly or people who cannot walk without a cane are often worried about slipping on the floors. A well-padded room allows their cane to form a nice and strong grip with the floor. This allows the people the ability to apply as much pressure onto the cane as their body needs, without fear of it slipping. Therefore, Quality rug pads do not only have aesthetic benefits and purposes, they can help the injured too.