How Are Rubber And Felt Rug Pads Made

Not many people opt to get rug pads because they think it is just a waste of money. Well, rest assured that the investment in a rug is anything but futile. They keep you and children safe by keeping the rug in place and not causing any slips. Moreover, it keeps your rug easier to clean and last longer.

The Importance of Rubber and Felt Rug Pads

duraholdpadsThere is a special kind of quality rug pad that is especially good. It is the rubber and felt rug pads. This means that the rug pad is made of a combination of rubber and felt which makes it unique. This way, the properties of each combine together to form a sturdier product that does not come with the drawbacks of either rubber or felt as individual materials. quality rug pads have a density bordering on the higher side. Hence, they make for an excellent choice, especially if you have your rug placed under a heavy object like a table or sofa. The high density pad ensures that the weight of the table does not leave any impression or depression in the rug.

Moreover, this also saves the floor from getting damaged as the rug pad takes all the weight. Since these rug pads prevent such damage to the rug pad and the floor, they help increase the longevity of both.

How are they made?

Since there are two different layers of the rubber and felt rug pad, each layer is given due attention to be combined to provide with a perfect outcome. The rubber is pressed by the help of heat. This way the fibres are ironed together firmly to provide with exceptional grip. As far as the material felt is concerned, the material itself has a ridged texture. This helps with holding the rug pad tightly to a place. The gaps between the ridges act as suction tubes that hold the rug pad as well as the rug exactly where it has been placed, ensuring no slipping accident occurs. Furthermore, it also helps keep the rug from getting wrinkled.

Main Characteristics

duraholdpadThere are a few features of quality rubber and felt rug pads that make them unique and practical. Some of them are mentioned below:

• These rug pads are hypoallergenic.

•They discourage the growth of mould anywhere around them so your home is clean and environmentally friendly.

•Quality rubber and felt rug pads have the copyrights for this rug pad because it provides with the perfect proportion of rubber and felt. •

The product has been tested and approved by LEED which certifies it as an environmentally friendly option. Quality rug pads are the epitomy of quality. They can be used on any floor type, ensuring maximum safety to your rugs. However, if you are buying a rubber and felt rug pad, the preferable floor options would be tiled, marbled, laminated or made of hardwood.

How Premium Rug Pads Benefit Homes

The carpets and rugs you buy for your home are a very important investment. They create a soft floor surface to walk or sit on, and give a touch of colour and beauty to the room. They are also highly expensive which means it is inconvenient to repair or replace them on a regular basis. Without a proper protection, carpet fibres start fraying with time, and this will spoil their looks and eventually wear them out.

duraholdpadsIn the same way, floors also need protection. Most homes now tend to have expensive and sensitive floors such as hardwood, ceramic, marble and tile which need regular care and maintenance. These floors can easily get marred or blemished through stains, dyes or liquid spills seeping through the carpets.

What your homes need is an effective way to protect both floor and carpet. Premium rug pads are currently in high demand and offer homeowners a host of benefits over and above regular rug pads.

An Effective Extra Layer

These rug pads work to give your carpet and floor an added layer of protection. They keep your carpet in one place and prevent it from wearing against the floor. This has a dual advantage. The double protection will keep carpet fibres and strands from unravelling, and this way it will last a long time. The rug padding also acts as a sponge and soaks up damaging agents like water and paint before they can mark your carpet.

duraholdpadIn the same way, these rug pads will keep your flooring safe by preventing carpet slippage. Also, they keep the floors from sustaining damage through spills from absorbing the liquid before it penetrates to the floor.

A Comfortable Surface To Walk On

The floors are often quite hard, which makes walking on them an uncomfortable process. Placing these rug padswill create a very soft and comfortable floor surface so you can sit or walk at your ease. For this reason, they are considered perfect for lining living rooms and other places that receive a lot of traffic.

Eco Friendly Raw Materials

Most rug pads available in the market are made from synthetic and factory treated materials like artificial rubber or PVC that may pose the risk of defacement to the floor. Premium rug pads, however, are made from environmentally friendly materials like felt and natural rubber. They are compatible with all floor types, including the more sensitive ones like hardwood.

duraholdpadsCarpets and rugs are very important home accessories and in order to safeguard them, you need to buy a Premium rug pad. This will offer your carpet and floor the best possible protection. Given their density and volume, such rug pads will keep even the thickest carpet locked into one place so that it does not slip around and cause disfigurement to the floor. Given the numerous benefits they provide for homes, Premium rug pads come acclaimed by many home experts and satisfied homeowners as the best kind of rug pad to use under carpets.

Why Buy Quality Rug Pads

Many homeowners are now switching to quality rug pads for their carpets and floors. These rug pads offer homes a lot of benefits that most brands fail to provide.

Prevent Carpet Wear And Tear

carpetwearCarpets are long lasting home accessories, but they often wear out as time passes. One advantage of quality rug pads is that they offer added cushioning support to your carpets and rugs. They keep the carpet in a strong lock, which will keep loose carpet fibres from unraveling or fraying over time. This will ensure your carpet lasts a long time and retains its looks and beauty for a longer period.

Protect Flooring From Damage

Many factory floors like hardwood and ceramic get easily damaged from marring or carpet wearing. A quality rug pad will grip your carpet in a single area, preventing it from moving about the place. This will keep the carpet from constantly rubbing against a delicate flooring and damaging it. Another benefit of these rug pads is they act as a sponging agent, absorbing any stains, dyes or liquid spills on the carpet before they penetrate down to your floor. This helps to keep sensitive floors from defacement via staining.

Quality Prevents Trip Risk

Being dense and solid, these rug pads create a firm and compact surface to walk on. Keeping the carpet in one place, they ensure the carpet does not pose the hazard of tripping. This makes them ideal for lining sensitive places like kitchens, bathrooms, children’s playrooms and elderly people’s bedrooms for added safety and protection. They also help block heavy sounds from entering the room, which again makes them a useful addition to your bedroom and study.

Made From Safe And Durable Raw Materials

These rug pads are made from materials like natural rubber and felt, which are both tough and resilient. Natural rubber provides a strong grip for small carpets and rugs that will keep slipping around the room otherwise. Felt is excellent for holding large area rugs in place.

In addition, these materials are bio-organic and eco-friendly, and do not give off any unpleasant odors or cause any allergies. They adhere to strict environmental standards and pass quality stringent tests. They are good additions for a greener home environment. These rug pads are very durable and last a long time; they do not need to be regularly repaired or replaced.

duraholdpadWork With All Floor Types

Quality rug pads will work compatibly with all floor surfaces. It does not matter if you have a hardwood, ceramic, vinyl, tile or marble floor finishing, this rug pad is ideal for lining any factory flooring safely and without risk of damage. As your flooring and carpets are invaluable home investments, you need to make sure they get the best possible protection, support and cushioning. For this reason, many home experts recommend buying quality rug pads as they are long lasting, strong and resilient. Made from superior quality, these rug pads give the best brand of protection to your floor and carpet, making them ideal and effective for home use.

Natural Premium Rug Pads

Premium Rug Pads are an important feature of comfortable home and office environments. If you are looking to improve and magnify the overall comfort of your workplace or home, this addition can help. They add comfort and security to the carpets and rugs, cushioning them and adding a bounce in them. It is only recently that people have understood the importance of considering rug pads as important as their rugs, mats and carpets. More so, it is important to use the right quality, texture and brand of padding. If this decision is not made carefully it can bring about permanent or long term damage to hardwood floors and expensive carpets.

duraholdnaturalpadsWhen you buy rug pads, it is better to purchase the rug pads with it. This avoids future alterations in case your rug pad is too large, too small or of the wrong texture. Purchasing the two together allows you to see whether the quality you have picked is one that complements your rug or not. You can also ensure both are of the same size and lastly if the thickness you have decided on provides the desired cushioning.

Premium rug pads are available in several textures that include:

1. Felt

2. Rubber

3. Natural

4. Elastic and various others

The finest kinds amongst the ones mentioned above are the natural rug pads. This is especially the case if you have hardwood floors. The characteristic qualities of natural rug pads make them the best option amongst others. They are also cheaper and prolong the life of rugs and floors.

Following are the main reasons why you should purchase natural premium rug pads for your homes and offices and not others:

naturalduraholdrugpadFree Of Chemical Modifications

If rug pads have been chemically modified, they might leave a pungent smell in the room. This smell is caused because once the padding is positioned; the chemicals sprayed on it are released. These chemicals make the rugs stick to the floor but these drawbacks do not last for long. The smell prevails followed by chipping of the hardwood floor, its decay and in worst cases its decolourization. The marks left on the floor are so vivid that you may require replacing it altogether. Natural premium rug pads are free from all such chemicals. Their texture helps in sustaining the freshness and newness of hardwood floors. They prevent decay and decolourization by creating a vacuum. They leave no marks on the floor because there is no glue present in their internal arrangement.

Can Be Purchased In Varying Densities And Thickness

duraholdnaturalpadsIt is very important to be able to choose the density of rug pads according to your requirement. Some rug pads increase in inches when their density is increased. A thick rug pad might not work for area rugs as well as it would for carpeted rooms. This is why you should have the option of choosing the density you require. Thick rug pads used for area rugs can impact the uniformity of a room making it more susceptible to falls rather than preventing them.

Premium rug pads vary in densities. So, whether it is to line a coffee table rug, furniture rug or an entire room, you do not need to compromise on comfort and appearance.

They Are Complementary And Long Lasting

Premium rug pads complement the comfort and uniformity of the room. They insulate the room and provide springiness when you walk. Above all, they are long lasting which is why they become almost an investment. Because of the fact that they are naturally made and are biodegradable they can be recycled. Not only are they long lasting, they make your expensive rugs and hardwood floors last longer too.

They Secure Both: Home And The Natural Environment

Based on all the qualities mentioned above, it is safe to say that premium rug pads will secure your home environment, fully. If you have kids or elderly in the house, they will cushion the surroundings and ensure they experience no injury in case of a fall. These rug pads also secure your house against materialistic damage. Above all, because they can be reused, they do not release harmful gases in the atmosphere. They can be disposed-off if required.