Why Do You Need A Quality Rug Pad For Your House

Rugs add to the beauty of a home and someone with a penchant for interior designing would know the importance of the addition of a simple rug mat. However, rugs come with their fair share of issues. They can easily get wrinkled. Moreover, they can also get turned. Both of these situations can result in a bad accident. This is where rug pads can help you.

duraholdpadsHigh Tech & High Quality

Quality is a recognized word in the field of rugs and rug pads. They ensure the highest quality is maintained so that the customers are satisfied with the final result. These rug pads use a unique design to give the best grip possible. They use chevron set forms that are bound in place with the help of heat. This gives a rug pad its non-slip quality. At the same time, the rug pad has a rubber base in hexagonal circles spread all over in a unique pattern. This glues the rug pad to the floor well. Some parts of the base come in contact with the floor directly, others don’t. The parts which do not touch the floor form a kind of vacuum that gives the suction quality and ensures the rug stays in its place.

No More Wrinkles and Depressions

Other than the non-slip quality, theys also provide with other benefits. They help keep your rug safer and last longer than anticipated. Decorating your home is something that everybody wants. Many people avoid rugs because of their upkeep and maintenance. Moreover, if you invest a lot in a rug, you keep on worrying about it. However, with rug pads, you no longer have to fret about anything. Not only do they make sure that heavy objects or frequent human movement does not cause impressions in the rug, but it also ensures that any spilt liquid on the floor does not seep into the rug. They also make sure that the dust has not settled on the rug since with a rug pad you can clean the rug properly and often.

duraholdEnvironmentally Friendly

One of the best things about quality rug pads is that they are eco-friendly. They have been approved via a LEED test that assures buyers that they are not introducing any harmful materials in their homes. These rug pads are odourless and do not give off harmful gases of any kind. This is especially suitable for you if you have allergies since this pad poses no harm. If you are an environmentally conscious person, this is the ultimate choice for you.

Knowing what quality rug pads do for you, their importance cannot be undermined. Whether you have adults in the house, youngsters or little kids, rug pads save you from a lot of bad accidents. You may be having a party or just a simple, routine dinner with the family, rug pads in the kitchen area can be especially practical since the area seems to get wet often. Moreover, the usage of this area is also comparatively more than other parts of the house.

Premium Rug Pads For Different Floor Types

If you plan to buy a premium rug pad, make sure to buy one that will suit your floor type.

Stone And Concrete Floors

concretefloorsConcrete and stone flooring is often cold and adds to frigid temperatures during winter season. Premium Non Slip rug pads do an ideal job insulating your floor against the cold. This rug pad will keep your carpet slipping about, which can pose damage to the floor. It also keeps your carpet intact by preventing carpet strands from unraveling with time. Depending on the shape and size of your carpet, you can get a premium rug pad as a lining for hard concrete and stone surfaces.

Hardwood Floors

hardwoodflooringHardwood flooring is one of the most sensitive and delicate flooring that can easily sustain damage through staining and marring. If you do not care and protect hardwood floors properly, it will go through extensive wear and tear and lose its extensive finishing. Premium is the best rug pad for all homeowners who have hardwood installed. Its 48 ounce thickness makes it ideal for giving hardwood flooring the best possible protection to ensure that it lasts a long time. A premium rug pad also soaks up damaging liquids, stains or dyes and colours from the carpet before they can mar the floor.

Radiant Heat Floors

radiantflooringHeat-treated floors need extra protection otherwise they could lose their costly texture. Premium rug pads ensure your heated floor gets a highly effective brand of support and protection to ensure their longevity. Heated floors are particularly good for winters as they allow for heat to transfer around the room. To ensure that your radiant heat floor performs at optimum capacity, secure it with premium natural rubber and felt rug pads. These materials are eco-friendly and biodegradable, making them good additions for green homes.

Laminated Floors

laminatedflooringBuying premium rug pads for your laminated floor will provide greater comfort and a softer surface to walk on. They also prevent carpet slippage, thereby alleviating a potential trip hazard. These rug pads are safe with all carpet types. Depending on the size of your rugs and carpets, buy premium rug pads to give enhanced protection to laminate floors.

Marble And Tile Flooring

Tile and marble are often slippery and hard, which can lead to carpet slippage and pose the risk of tripping. With effective premium rug pads, you can ensure the safety of both your floor and your carpet, while at the same time making your home more safe and secure by avoiding a potential trip hazard.marbleflooring

No matter what type of flooring you have in your home, premium rug pads will serve you well and keep your carpet and floor secure by providing dual protection for both. These rug pads are available in oval, rectangular, runner and round shapes. They are durable and strong, and owing to the multiple advantages they give to homeowners, these rug pads are highly trending in the markets.